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IT manager

Managing all technological and applicational environments, within common standards and guidelines as defined at group level.

Наро-Фоминск, Наро-Фоминский район


По договоренности

- Past experience as IT Manager or Project Leader in IT environment for manufacturing companies.

General profile

Полный рабочий день

- Expertise on implementation of MRP / ERP systems in discrete manufacturing environments.

- Knowledge about IBM Iseries/I5 (AS/400) platform

Место работы:

Focus on implementation of ERP system, specifically tailored to manage production and logistic processes for company’s products.


- Expertise on Networking and Windows environment (Server and Clients) configuration and administration


- Ability to manage projects, monitoring timings and costs, in order to reach defined goals.


Requested skills

- Ability to plan, develop and manage IT Dept., collaborating with managers and end users, acting in autonomous and creative ways but within defined guidelines and policies.

- Attitude for problem solving, team working and to establish good relationships with users at any level of organization.

Заработная плата:

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